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Nation offers both FTL and LTL services, ensuring that all clients needs are met, no matter the scale of their freight.
T-Lane Nation is proud to offer rail transportation service. We utilize winch tractors, scissor necks and decks with rail welded directly into the trailers, giving us the ability to haul rail equipment directly from the track to the truck and back again. T-Lane Nation also offers an emergency derailment service.
T-Lane Nation concerns ourselves with your shipment every step of the way. For destinations that are hard to reach or shipments that simply cannot travel on certain roadways, T-Lane Nation offers a barging service so we can ensure there are no road blocks in getting your shipment to its destination.
T-Lane Nation is pleased to offer state-of-the-art warehouse facilities all across Canada, with the ability to service all of North America.

T-Lane Nation offers direct drive services to your destination, taking care of all your rush shipments. T-Lane Nation has the equipment and man-power to handle all of your urgent pick-ups and deliveries, continent wide.
T-Lane Nation has a diverse fleet of stiff boom and folding boom trucks to serve all of customer’s needs. Our fleet is comprised of single axle to 90 ton knuckle booms as well as 20 to 270 ton stiff booms. Our seasoned operators are well versed in all aspects of local crane work from erecting structural steel to off road delivery of sensitive communication equipment to remote sites.
T-Lane Nation has vast experience in all sizes of over-dimensional freight to & from all parts of North America. Our equipment includes flatbeds, stepdecks, double drops up to 9 axles, platform trailers, and more! T-Lane Nation has experience with loads as high as 17' and as wide as 25' with weights in excess of 110,000lbs.
Transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous materials requires specialized training, considerations and knowledge. T-Lane Nation is well versed in the procedures, routing and safe transport practices of Hazmat materials.