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T-Lane Transportation is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint, while educating and empowering our employees and lease operators to make more environmentally responsible choices.

T-Lane Transportation aims to be one of the leading transportation companies that provides an optimal balance between:

  • * our impact on the environment and our customer service expectations
  • * the economic needs of our companies and employees
  • * employee health and well-being
  • * corporate and social responsibilities
By actively suggesting new solutions to our employees, lease operators and customers, we aim at reducing the impact, raise the quality and improve the work environment.

T-Lane Transportation, Inc. is continuously exploring ways to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

At the Office:
All of T-Lane’s offices utilize electronic communication as their primary form of communication, reducing paper waste. We also encourage our customers to receive their required documentation through ways of electronic communication.

T-Lane Transportation runs a recycling program in each office, in an effort to reduce our waste. We do not provide bottled water or plastic cups for our team, we encourage the use of reusable drinking containers and tap water.

Educating our team at each step of our environmental efforts has resulted in an aware team who genuinely cares about making environmentally friendly decisions, both in office and at home

In the Truck:

T-Lane Transportation, Inc. provides continuous education for our drivers on techniques they can use to reduce our environmental footprint out on the road. From efforts for decreasing fuel consumption to reducing idling time, we are always looking for ways to improve.

Our drivers are equipped with knowledge on reducing out-of-route miles and how retreading tires is better for all of us, long term. T-Lane Nation encourages and promotes a tire re-cap program for all of our drivers.

T-Lane Transportation, Inc. is motivated to making a positive impact in the environment and always looking at ways for us to improve.