Servicing the rail maintenance industry. Winch tractors, scissor necks and decks with rail welded directly into the trailers able to haul rail equipment directly from track to truck and vice versa. Emergency derailment services also available including cranes. Fifteen trucks currently in this division and expanding rapidly.


Partnering with professional barge owners, we provide barging options to transport all equipment, both oversized and regular components, to remote locations across North America and the Arctic.


Indoor/outdoor storage, crating, shrink wrapping, container stuffing and de-stuffing, crews, cranes, forklifts


A “hot shot” direct drive service from origin to destination utilizing FTL / LTL / Import / Export and domestic services to “rush” your shipments to final destination as required to handle all urgent pick-ups and deliveries continent.


Numerous truck mounted up to 87 tons
All Terrain up to 200 tons.


Installation and removal of large, oversized industrial equipment by our experienced “Jack & Slide” crews, experienced in remote sites, PSSP trained, fully certified on PCB’s and haz-waste . As well as 45 + years of experience. Unified jacking systems for safe and secure structural moving via synchronized jacking up to 400Tons.


Handling over-dimensional, overweight Projects, Pieces, Vessels and Components while utilizing our specialized OOG transport equipment to provide safe, affordable and reliable transport options for our customers.


Shipping hazardous material requires specialized training, considerations and knowledge. T-Lane is well versed in the procedures, routing and safe transport practices of HAZMAT materials.