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Did you know that T-Lane Nation houses one of Alberta’s most comprehensive warehouse and yard /laydown spaces? 

Click the below video and allow T-Lane Nation’s Troy Cole to take you and our client ‘Dave’ on a complete tour of our all -inclusive Acheson, Alberta warehouse:

Don’t mind the background noise, we’re hard at work over here!

 T-Lane’s Acheson, Alberta Warehouse / Yard Snapshot

Our Acheson, Alberta warehouse affords our clients the opportunity to utilize all (or some) of the following services:

  • 10 floor level loading docks
  • 4 oversize overhead doors
  • In-floor heat
  • High bay racking (over 2000 pallet places)
  • Client office space
  • Ample parking,
  • WiFi or LAN
  • Shrink Wrapping or Tarping
  • Scaffold Supply
  • All the small tooling to support shipping and receiving
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Dunnage
  • Access Matting
  • Surplus Management
  • Scrap Management
  • Asset Management
  • Tagging, Stenciling Identification
  • Crating, Kitting, Packaging
  • Pipe Joint and Spool Cleanliness
  • Flawless Maintenance
  • Flushing / Hydro Testing
  • Vessel Dressing
  • Insulation, Pre-assembly, Painting in House

Core Abilities:

  • C-Can Destuffing (up to 10 simultaneously).
    • We can transport the empty can immediately to it’s return point – OR we will offer a fair price for that empty c-can.
  • Professional Receiving
    • Into our system or client’s system
    • Offices offered for client personnel to oversee activities
    • Receiving, uploads, document storage and / or transmissions performed as per specific clients guidelines / procedures
  • Tracking Activities:
    • T-Lane systems track activities the moment one of our personnel opens an account task– and bills only for time spent on that task
    • Reports provided as per clients parameters
    • Every item received is tracked and quarantine/ OS&D as directed
    • T-Lane staff is trained in RFID tagging  and management of RFID MM systems / Barcode management processes/ any prescribed manual process
    • Managed utilizing client hardware, tags,  software if desired …or our own proprietary system and hardware
  • Storage
    • Secure storage of client material as per clients specific needs
    • Cycle counting of inventories or environmental recordings / re-crating / group binning
    • Preservation’s carried out in-house to client standards , using our system or your prescribed system
    • Pick Ticketing carried out in reverse of receipt , our system records tasks and provide instant advice on load consolidation before shipping. All documentation arriving with an item will ship with that item
    • Bag’n’Tag is a unique offering that we provide to client specifications (bags,crates,pallets,wrapping etc. i.e Client could purchases complete MTO, delivers it to our warehouse and T-Lane securely kits all material to ship by clients schedule)
      • Kitting of material by work packages will also be performed similar to Bag’n’Tag .
  • Activity recording:
    • All activities are recorded live, and client remote access allows visibility of all activities and dashboards in play.
  • Additional options:
    • LTL or TTL or Heavy Haul at best pricing available to deliver on your schedule.
    • Swamp/rig and crane mats
    • Buy and Sell Sea Containers
    • and much more……..



As published in BC Business Magazine as a finalist for the 2015 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards: 

T-Lane Nation Customer Concierge and CEO - Tim Germain
T-Lane Nation Customer Concierge and CEO – Tim Germain

Timothy Germain (FINALIST)
CEO, T-Lane Nation

Timothy Germain got his start driving school buses, but he always had his eye on bigger vehicles–and bigger plans. At the age of 23, Germain got his licence to drive semi-trailers, bought his own truck and began driving short-haul routes around the Lower Mainland. By his late 30s, with a young family in Coquitlam, he saw an opportunity for “a surplus of growth and profit,” as he puts it, but he was unable to find a partner to share the costs of starting up: “None had the confidence nor risk-taking gumption to jump on board.” So with one dispatcher and one truck, he began T-Lane Nation in 2000, putting up his house as collateral. Taking those risks, he notes, “paved the T-Lane road” for his eventual success. The company–which specializes in moving unwieldy or dangerous materials, like power generators or cranes, to remote corners of the province–has since grown into a 250-person operation, with 11 offices and six warehouses across Canada and clients ranging from BC Hydro to the Department of National Defence. In 2014, T-Lane Nation had $45 million in annual revenue, which Germain hopes to grow to $100 million in five years’ time.

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T-Lane Nation Proud Part of Successful BC Hydro Project