From April 2015

T-Lane Nation Team – Employee of the Month

T-Lane Nations First Employee of the Month - Stephanie Cowan
T-Lane Nations First Employee of the Month – Stephanie Cowan

We are thrilled to announce Stephanie Cowan as T-Lane Nation’s Employee of the Month for March.

Stephanie is always a team player in whom the entire team can rely on.   The following testimonials to Stephanie’s work were submitted by her T-Lane Nation peers:

  • “Stephanie is always happy and goes above and beyond with helping everyone around her . She is an absolute pleasure to work with!”
  • “Stephanie deserves this honor.  She has stepped up to the plate to help out where & when needed (Reception, Credit apps, Customs and assisting us when we are slammed).  She’s a team player for sure & I think she deserves to know it does not go unnoticed”
  • “I nominate Stephanie for all that she has happily taken on to support in the last little while”

Stephanie, thank you so much for your commitment and hard work, we all appreciate you very much!



The SPCA is a charity near and dear to T-Lane Nation’s Chriss Briggs.

Chriss  donates her time on a regular basis to help socialize animals to be ready for adoption.  She also spends her time cleaning the animals areas and the shelter and helps to organize donations.

T-Lane Nation encourages our team to donate their time to philanthropic efforts and as a result, offers each team member two paid work days per year to donate this time to the charity of their choice.

Chriss chooses the SPCA at the Surrey Education and Adoption Center as she is a huge animal advocate, she tells T-Lane “Although there are many great causes to support, I feel that the animals tend to be forgotten in hindsight of other charities.”

To donate your time to the SPCA please visit: 

To see more about the charities that are near and dear to T-Lane Nation’s heart, visit our Philanthropy page