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In-House Permits: The One’s Who Make It Happen

On July 19, 2019  Category:  Uncategorized

Welcome to the permit team of T-Lane! These women are the heart of getting any over dimensional loads moved for our company. Their knowledge of the permit world throughout Canada and the US helps T-Lane to excel in our industry. A typical load of ours can travel over 2000 Km and through many different provinces and states. They will ensure that we not only properly permitted in every province and state, but that we have the correct pilot cars and escorts. With a fleet of over 85 trucks, their days are full.

The first member of the team, Rikki Mahony, has been with T-Lane for over 2 years, but has been in the trucking industry for over 11 years. Her background in dispatch and permitting has contributed to her success here at T-Lane. Rikki truly has a passion for permitting and she shows this with her dedication and her knowledge. Rikki thinks of the people at T-Lane like they are her second family and really enjoys the people she works with. In her spare time Rikki enjoys spending time with her husband and her son Tysen. She is also an accomplished synchronized skater for the last 15 years.

The second member of the team, Shanley Bowersock has only been with T-Lane a short time, but already fits in like she’s been here for years. Her bright smile and positive energy is a fantastic contribution to the T-Lane team, as is her experience in the trucking industry over the last 12 years. Shanley loves that T-Lane has so many activities in the office to help her to get to know her team. She is enjoying the strong team atmosphere that T-Lane fosters and is motivated to assist the team in being the best we can be. She is very proud of her own work and home life balance with her partner and enjoys spending time with him travelling and doing outdoor activities.

T-Lane is very proud of our team and looks forward to the success of our jobs with people like them!