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The Truth About Spot Reduction

Spot reduction is the idea that by training a certain area of the body (ie. stomach), you will burn fat in that spot and appear more “toned”. This idea of spot reduction formed in part due to the principle of specificity. This principle states that if you want to excel at a skill or sport […]

7 Stress-Busting Superfoods

On March 28, 2018  Category:  In the Office, Nutrition, On the Road, Wellness

Deadlines, commitments, and daily routines can contribute to a rise in your stress hormone levels. Next time you’re feeling life’s pressures, try these 7 superfoods to help you stay balanced and centered. Greens Leafy greens, most green vegetables, and citrus fruits are loaded with folate. Studies show that those who eat leafy greens and vegetables […]

Question Period: Nutrition

On March 21, 2018  Category:  In the Office, Nutrition, On the Road, Wellness

Hey there! I often get asked random questions about fitness and nutrition (mainly nutrition) and while the questions are always great, I wanted to be able to share the questions and answers with everyone. So, if you have a fitness or nutrition question please feel free to send me a message! Whats so special about […]

Body Transformation Challenge

Welcome to T-Lane’s Body Transformation Challenge! You are invited to have fun and participate alongside your co-workers for this 10-week competition. This health challenge will get you ready for summer and help establish healthy habits so that you can feel, look, and live better. So, let’s get started! Starts: March 26 Ends: June 1, 2018 Who […]

6 Ways to Relieve Muscle Tension

It’s 7 pm, you’re relaxing on the couch after a long day, but when you get up to grab some water – ouch! Your shoulders feel stiff and cranky. You aren’t too sure why because you haven’t done an arm or shoulder specific workout recently and you were sitting at your desk all day. So, […]